TIPS: How to get used to more biking with kids in child seats

Many of us are fine to bike on our own, but when kids are onboard it gets heavy or we are no as confident. 

The reasons can be different: 

1. No bike paths in the area 

2. Stability issues when child seat is mounted on the back


I would like to offer some good tips on how to get over these: 

1. No bike paths. 

In this case, there is one one good solution - riding on the pavement (where legal). This is a good option for those not as confident when taking your child in the child seat and especially advised in cities with a lot of fast car traffic like ours - Warsaw. Although my husband, who is a confident biker usually rides on less busy roads, I would rarely do that. This means that I need to slow down and hop down from the saddle sometimes, when there are lots of people on the pavement. For this case, step through bike frame is great. 

If riding on the pavement is not possible and you need to bike on the road next to the cars, I would recommend attaching a mirror onto the handle bar so you can see when car is coming and if it is approaching in high speed. I would also mention that riding on the road with a child seat seems a little more safe that with a trailer, but it might be just a personal opinion. 

Also, I have seen people attaching a stick (the same that trailers have) on your bike or bike seat to the side from which cars are passing, so it cannot come closer to you. 


2. Stability issues when child seat is mounted 

Many people, who attach the rear child seat to their previously used bike (not long or mid-tail family bikes) have a problem with stability. Suddenly the weight has shifted to the back and the front seems almost too light to maneuver.  

I have had the same issue and a basket with a even a light bag makes a difference. However, it is mostly an issue of getting used to the weight shift. If you find it hard to hold the bike stable while biking even after some time, then you should go get it checked to a bike store. 


If you have other reasons putting you off from biking, let me know in the comments. I will be glad to hear in how you find biking with you kids! 






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