Why a rain cover?

As parents of small children, we have all been there - we want to go somewhere for a short one-day or half-a-day trip or just a normal morning commute, but are oscillating among options what kind of transport means we should use: a car, public transport, a pram or a bicycle usually depending on speed, convenience and weather. 
Some just by preference lean towards a car and a pram or just a pram. And some will choose a bicycle with child seat or a trailer. Nowadays, many parents use bike trailers also due to the fact that it is a good cover, when unexpected rain comes or during cooler days. However, this is does not have to be a problem even with a child seat on your bike



But why and when do you need a rain cover for child bike seat? 

Well, from my experience it has saved us a lot worries. It has happened many times, we relied on bike during a rainy and cold day/mornings and evenings or it has started raining suddenly during our ride. My daughter would be happily sitting in her seat looking at the rain from her "housey", as she calls the rain cover :)

Secondly, as the days will become colder and we will not want to take a public transport or car, it will become even more practical. You can always take the rain cover with you, as it is light (only 600 gr) and very compact when folded in the bag (size of a water bottle). 

It is great for a summer day against sun exposure, because the rain cover protects against damaging UV rays. (This does not mean you should not put a sunscreen on your little one lol).

Besides, it gives also an additional feeling of safety during the ride, as the smaller kids are used to move their arms and legs sometimes, which can both get in your way during riding, but also when passing by people or things. 

All in all, it is a safe cover that is good-looking and hassle-free for all seasons. You can open the front window, when it is not rainy and you can hear your baby well even when closed. It has a good ventilation system and is stable enough not to fly away during usual windy days. 

Last but not least, we would like to show you how those daily routes done by cars, can be done by bike without any worries, plus parents' fitness and health can be improved and our environment can get much better!  

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