How and why we started with the rain covers

Recently, Ariane wrote an article in German with a review of the rain cover and asked me how and why we started with the rain covers and I thought it might be helpful to write it here in English, too. 

So, why and how? 

I used to live in Kyoto, Japan, for almost 4 years and already at that time it was more than common to see that families with kids would have one car and one electric bicycle to take kids to and from kindergarten and run errands. In order to be able to do that all-year round, the bike needed to be stable and easy to manoeuvre but also protection in all weather conditions. For mum a good rain jacket or poncho is often enough. For kids the rain protection is a much better developed topic in Japan. In the photos below, you can some of the most popular models of the rain covers for child bike seats. 

When I returned to Europe, we did not want to get a car immediately. I could not take my electric bike with the rain cover from Japan with me, so I was looking for an alternative for European bike seat. I found it with Norokka, a Japanese company, which makes rain cover for child bike seats that fit also most of the European seat. In addition it is easy to carry in a small bag and light. So I tried it and people started asking me about it on the street. That was the time I started :) and I hope we can make more families get less into the car and more on the bike! 


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