How to Fold The Rain Cover

Folding the rain cover

Please fold the rain cover when it is completely dry. Be careful not to apply excessive force as it can damage the frame.

When you use the rain cover more often

When you use the rain cover for more often and have a good place to store, do not fold it completely to the pop-up round shape, but fold the main panels upon each other only (up to 0:20 of the above video).


How to maintain the fabric

If the fabric becomes dirty, wash it gently by hand with water or lukewarm water without rubbing to prevent the water-repellent coating on the back of the fabric from peeling off. When using water repellent sprays, please check the "Precautions for Use" of the spray. However, it cannot be used on transparent vinyl (polyurethane resin).

How to maintain the transparent vinyl

If the transparent vinyl part becomes dirty or cloudy, wipe it with a cloth (without fluff) soaked in boiling water. Then, gently wipe off the water with a dry cloth, and perform the same operation on both sides. When handling boiling water, be sure to wear heat-resistant rubber gloves and be careful not to burn yourself.