How to Install Norokka Rain Cover

Preparation before use

Just attach the two fasteners (twist lock and buckle) to your bicycle and you are ready to use the rain cover.

Prepare the buckle fitting

Prepare the buckle fitting that is included with the rain cover.

Attaching the buckle fitting

Wrap the buckle fitting around the seat post of the bicycle and fasten it. At this time, the buckle should be attached so that it faces the seat.

Prepare the optional twist lock fastener (adhesive or velcro type)

Check, if your model requires adhesive or velcro twist lock type here

The below pictured seat model (Thule Yepp Maxi) requires the velcro type of twist lock. (→here). 

Attach the appropriate twist lock type to your seat according to the instructions as written for your child seat model.

Installing the rain cover

Easily attach the rain cover with two fasteners (twist lock and buckle).

Hang the sash belt over the seat

Unfold the rain cover and put it over the seat, then hang the sash belt over the centre of the seat.

Turn the twist lock fastener to lock

Lock the rain cover by turning the twist lock fastener on the back of the cover.

Close the zipper

Close the zipper of the rain cover. Make sure the zipper flap is closed to prevent rain from entering.

Connect the buckle fitting

Connect the belt on the front of the rain cover to the buckle fastener attached to the seat post. Adjust the length of the belt and apply the appropriate tension.
If the belt does not reach the buckle clasp, please adjust the position of the child seat by moving it to the front or the position of the buckle.

Confirm the drainage flap

Install the drainage flap in the centre of the corner so that rainwater from the ceiling will flow out of the rain cover.
If not installed correctly, rain will enter and cause the knee area to get wet.

Opening the front window [Step 1]

Open the zipper first, then the velcro. This order is important!

Fastening the front window [Step 2]

Fasten the velcro to prevent the front window from flapping while folding it to the end.

Detaching the front window [Step 1]

Detach the velcro preventing the front window from flapping. At this time, you can fold back the tip of the velcro and fasten it for neat storage.

Closing the front window [Step 2]

Fasten the velcro first, then the zipper. This order is important!