1. Is my child seat compatible?
Please, check the following compatible models here. If your seat model is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us and we can test the rain cover on your seat model or advise you.

3. How do I store the rain cover when not in use?
For shorter periods (unused a couple of weeks)
 you can store the rain cover in its storage bag and folded as shown here.

For longer periods (unused for 2-3 weeks and more) we recommend not to fold it into pop-up shape and into the storage bag, but only fold the panels on the top of each other and store. 

4. How do I maintain the rain cover?
Keep the rain cover and its parts clean.
Cleaning: The TPU (vinyl windows) can be cleaned with towel and hot water.
The other parts with cold water and towel. Do not rub the rain cover (except for vinyl windows) very hard, as the water repellent might come off.
Always leave the rain cover dry completely before folding and storing.
If you store the rain cover for longer and do not use it, fold only the door panels as written in nr 3.

5. How do I prepare and install the rain cover?

Check the video installation instructions here or read below. 

Step 1 Attach the buckle fastener
Wrap the buckle fastener around the seat post of the bicycle and fasten it. At this time, install it so that the buckle faces the child seat side. Buckle fastener. You can leave the buckle on, but please check and clean it regularly.

Step 2 Attaching the twist fastener
Follow the instructions to attaching the Velcro or adhesive fastener according to your seat model here.

Step 3 Installing the rain cover
The rain cover is fixed to the seat using the buckle and the twist fastener. Be sure to keep these as they are indispensable for maintaining the stability of the rain cover.

1 Hang the belt on the center of the seat.
2 Turn and fasten the twist fastener on the back side of the seat.
3 Put your child into the seat and fasten the seat belts according to child seat instructions. 
4 Close the zipper on the door panel
5 Fasten the belt on the front to the buckle fastener.
6 After that, adjust the length of the belt to apply appropriate tension. If the belt does not reach the buckle fastener, please make adjustments such as moving the position of the child seat toward you or the position of the buckle.
7 Make sure the flaps on the top are properly pulled down and the zipper is covered, so that the water does not come inside.

6. Which fastener should I use?
Follow the instructions to choosing the fastener here according to your seat model.

In general, which fastener to choose depends on your child bike seat model. If your seat has following pattern on the back side approximately 30 cm below the upper frame line like on the picture below, please, buy the Velcro fastener. 



If the seat does not have such holes pattern on the back side approximately 30 cm below the upper frame line (head rest), please, buy the adhesive fastener. 


7. How do I fold the rain cover?
Please, follow the link to the folding instructions here


1. How do I open and close the front widow?
The window can be opened by opening the velcro upper part and zippers. It can be closed by first closing the velcro closing and then zippers.

2. When should I not use the rain cover?
Extreme weather conditions
We do not recommend to use the rain cover when the wind is reasonably strong, as it could make result in bicycle losing stability. 


1. Which countries do you ship to?
Free shipping to:

Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech republic, Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia

Additional shipping charges apply to:
Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, UK, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine 


1. What is the warranty and return policy?
The general warranty of the product is 2 years.
You have a right to return the rain cover within 14 days upon its receipt.

2. Which payment methods are available?
You can pay by most card types, PayPal and Przelewy24.